My Industry: Construction

About Us

Founded in 1956 by Sezai Türkeş- Feyzi Akkaya as a subsidiary of STFA and Isıklar Holding, SIF Otomotiv has been growing its business in construction equipment sector since then.

As the distributor of JCB, all sales and marketing operations of JCB branded machines are being handled under the name of SIF İş Makinaları in Turkey. SIF JCB currently has points of sales in İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa, Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Diyarbakır, Trabzon and 34 service stations, with the aim of delivering the best quality service to its customers all around Turkey.

The world famous crusher brand RubbleMaster is also available in Turkey through the reliability of SİF.

Bearing in mind that every investment made should address customer satisfaction in short term, SIF always aims to improve its efficient and vigorous staff in order to continue taking important steps in the way of being unique in the sector.

Our Vision

'To continue our leadership in meeting demands regarding construction machinery as the best firm in the construction machinery sector in Turkey offering innovation, quality and service; hence, to be most outstanding company in Turkey whose agencies, authorized services and personnel take pride in working with.'

Our Mission

'With our efficient staff, agencies and services to provide efficiently the most developed products in construction machinery to our customers whose contribution to the development of our country is undeniable; to fulfill the highest customer satisfaction in the sector, if not exceed expectations; to maximize our contributions to our society, shareholders, agencies and employees.'

Our Quality Policy

In order to continue our leadership as the best company in the construction machines sector , we will search for the best in everything together with our employees, suppliers, shareholders ,and customers . Because of this our quality policy is based on ;

  • To be on par with the quality of the machines we present, and to uphold the customer satisfaction always at its highest level by improving our services continually
  • Trying to raise the working quality of our employees, solution partners, and our suppliers by encouraging and supporting them and thereby raise the level of quality of society as a whole
  • To ensure the participation of our employees in the continual development process and to encourage them at al times.
  • To create additional value through the effective and productive use of our resources and thereby provide gains for our customers and our company.
  • To create an institutionalized structure that customers, employees, suppliers and partners are proud of

SİF JCB employees agree to adopt Total Quality Management as a lifestyle and undertake to ensure the continuing improvement and effectiveness of the senior Management Quality Management System.

Our Values

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Customer-oriented policy
  • Team spirit

SİF JCB Customer Experience

"Our customers can do without us. We can't do without them." We need to constantly remind ourselves this fact. When a customer has a demand on us we must act with a sense of urgency to make sure that this customer is happy.

We must do everything reasonably possible to ensure that customer dealing with JCB and/or our dealers should think that this is a real pleasure. We must be known for providing legendary customer service.

Surprise & Delight
We must not be satisfied with simply meeting our customers' expectations; we must aim to exceed their expectations every time. The customer should always be pleasantly surprised by our immediate response to their needs.

We must never let a customer down - no matter what it takes. Even the slightest customer complaint should cause ructions throughout SIF JCB. Customer complaints to dealers or directly to SIF JCB must be handled immediately and the customer kept informed at all times. We need to make certain of a happy outcome.

Self Criticism
We must constantly question the way we do business - never content, always looking for a better way to satisfy the customer.

SIF JCB must deliver world class quality every time. Quality is a priority for not just our products, but in all aspects of doing business. This includes our suppliers, our services and methods of doing business, as well as our attitude and behavior towards our customers. The quality must be consistently good. Customers then know what to expect. Happy customers tell others. Customers saying good things about JCB are more powerful than any advertising, since there is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth

We must all work together to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. There can be no "us and them" attitude anywhere. We must pull together to solve problems as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Hard Working Talented People
We must employ only outstanding people who have exceptional talent and skills. Equally important, they need, through their attitude and behavior, to be able to deliver the SIF JCB's vision and brand values.

THE SIF JCB Difference
When the customer thinks of JCB, he should instantly think of people who are positive, cheerful, friendly, enthusiastic, passionate, helpful, honest, versatile, hard-working, innovative, dynamic, and co-operative. Never arrogant, never rude, treated in a way just like you 'yourself' would expect to be treated.

Customers for Life
Customers should be treated with the type of care we would give to someone special. They need constant minding. You shouldn't take your eye off them for a moment. We need to nurture each customer through the life of the machine he has just purchased, constantly checking to see how he is getting on and not waiting for him to call us. This is how we get repeat business.